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Charlene Sands

Charlene Sands

Heroes to Win Your Heart!

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Charlene's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Body language
Romance and passion

About Charlene

I have to confess that storytelling has always been a part of my life. As a young girl, I can remember sitting with my father in the evenings asking him to tell me a story. He was an imaginative man with a flair for telling dramatic tales than always had me coming back for more. Later, I began reading his journals and romantic poetry that he'd written for the family, and that was when I first became inspired to take the writing plunge myself.

I have always read romance. I love grand adventures where the hero and heroine traverse rugged ground, beating insurmountable odds to finally find the path to true love. When I finally mustered the courage to face the computer head-on and write, I felt an immediate kinship to those talented authors I grew up reading. Since I fell in love and married my high school sweetheart, I am definitely a romance author who truly believes in happy endings.


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