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Catherine Archer

Catherine Archer

Medieval history comes to life…

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Catherine's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
Romance and passion
Physical intimacy

About Catherine

I've always loved books and reading. Even as little girl, I loved making up adventures about the characters I read about in books – but it wasn’t until I read my first Jane Eyre at the age of twelve that I realised what I truly wanted to write. Romance novels!

As it turned out, writing an actual novel was far more difficult than simply making up stories in my head…

In the years between deciding to become an author, marrying my Canadian husband, having children and enrolling in nursing school (twice!) I began plenty of novels that never saw their way to completion. It wasn’t until my youngest child was two that I sat down and told myself that I would finish a book or go to my grave trying. That novel, written on an old typewriter (given to me by a friend after she found out that I was writing a book) took two years to finish.

Seeing how determined I was to become a published author, my husband Steve sold his 1965 Mustang to buy my first computer, and he remained a constant and devoted supporter through the many rejections. It took seven years, but my third completed historical romance ‘Rose Among Thorns’ finally sold to Harlequin Historicals. It was the culmination of all my dreams and hard work.

Through my years of writing, I have never lost that sense of awe I feel at seeing the names of my characters in print. I still approach each book with the same excitement as that first one, bringing the characters and their stories to life are some of my greatest challenges and joys. Each time I help the hero and heroine discover that being able to truly love and trust in another person only makes you stronger, I renew my own belief in the power of love.

After a rich and unforgettable stay of fifteen years in Alberta, I now live with my husband of twenty one years and our three children in Troutdale, Oregon.