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Tina Beckett

Tina Beckett

Love is the cure

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doctors and surgery
Elements of time

About Tina

Being the product of a Navy upbringing, it has always felt natural to me to live my life on the move. When my travels eventually took me outside of the United States and English reading material became scarce, I began writing my own stories, fashioned after the romance novels that I had loved so much through the years. After I finished my first book I simply moved onto the next… and then the next! By the time I had written my fourth manuscript I realised there was no going back – I was officially a writer.

Why write romances revolving around the medical field, you might ask? For me, the decision was easy. During my college years, I had my heart set on becoming a nurse. Working around all those doctors seemed so romantic (I was young... oh so young). As I looked at the line-up of classes I'd have to take, I soon realised it was much more fun to inhabit the fictional world of doctors and nurses than to have to... um, study. So my nursing career ended before I took a single class.

Medicine still fascinates me, though. If you peek at my overflowing bookshelves, you'll find medical thrillers, forensic mysteries and, of course, Harlequin Medical Romance, all competing for my reading time. Now I have the best of both worlds – writing the kinds of books that I love to read!

When I’m not in the middle of my latest book, I enjoy crafting stained glass panels, riding horses and hiking with my family. I’m also fluent in Portuguese and divide my time between Brazil and my home in the U.S. I love to use exotic locales as the backdrop for many of my stories!

If you want to drop me a line, I can often be found hanging out at my website, Facebook and Twitter. Come say hi!

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