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Annie West

Annie West

Emotion. Excitement. Passion.

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Annie's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Emotional expression - wit
Physical intimacy

About Annie

Growing up on the east coast of Australia, I didn’t get to ride a kangaroo to school, but I did acquire some valuable survival skills – like what to do when faced with a venomous snake or when caught in a dangerous rip while surfing. As the dangers of ocean swimming involved close observation of tall, burnished lifeguards, you could say I began researching early to become a romance writer.

I’ve been a reader almost as long as I can remember and the idea of being without a book sends a chill down my spine. In my teens I got hooked on romance and never looked back. Compared with all those strong silent types – sultry-eyed Italians, haughty Spanish aristocrats and the rest, it's wonder the boys at school just didn’t make the grade!

Fortunately I found my own tall, dark romantic hero while at university, where, despite the distraction. I completed an honours degree in Classics. After a surprisingly interesting career in the public service I found myself with young children and a burning desire to do what I’d always secretly dreamed – to write romance rather than government reports. A few years later, at the end of 2005, I sold a book to Harlequin Mills and Boon and began writing for the series I’d enjoyed reading so much over the years.

Now I live with my hero (still the same one after all this time) and family at Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney. We’re close to the Hunter Valley’s marvellous wine country, some of the State’s most superb beaches and the beautiful lake.

My favourite things are books, travel, long walks, good company and great food. 

I get to spend my days fantasising about gorgeous men and their love lives, which can be hard work, but I have no regrets. There’s nothing better than that sigh-worthy moment when your hero and heroine finally get their happy ending, or when a reader get in touch to say they loved your story too.