Q. I downloaded my eBook but I can't find it now

If you are using Windows, go to "My Documents" then "My Digital Editions."
If you are using a Mac, go to "Documents" then "My Digital Editions." 

If you are downloading to an eReader or an iOS smartphone or tablet please follow the following advice:

1. Once you have pressed download please click the blue arrow in the top right hand corner:

2. You will then see the following download menu appear. Next click the file name you have just downloaded (it begins with URLLink):

3. You will then see the below image, simply click the arrow inside the square in the top right hand corner:

4. This will then take you to your installed apps menu, simply scroll along to find your preferred eReader. You may have to click 'More' to find it if it doesn't appear straight away.

If you need further help, please contact us