How is my VIP tier determined?

Your VIP tier is determined by the amount you spend during the year (12 months from achieving tier status).
To reach:
Bronze tier, you must spend over £5

Silver tier, you must spend over £100
Gold tier, you must spend over £300

Once you qualify, you will instantly move up and have access to that tier's benefits for 12 months. As you move up in the VIP Tiers, you will retain all benefits from your previous tier.
You tier will reset every 12 months if you don't move up through the tiers, so if you move into Silver tier on the 1st January 2022 it will reset to Bronze on the 1st January 2023, if you haven't moved into the Gold tier.
When you are in Gold Tier your tier will reset back to Bronze 12 months from the date you entered the Gold tier.
Don't worry, you will retain all your points when your tier status is reset.