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From Wallflower to Countess was shortlisted for the RoNA Rose Award in 2016!

She Was Always Overlooked…

Most girls would dream of marriage to the dashing Earl of Stanton, darling of the ton. For plain Lady Felicity Weston, used to being ignored, it’s a terrifying prospect! Richard has always thought love is for fools. Although after an explosive wedding night he’s intrigued by his shy new bride.

Day by day the tentative trust between these newlyweds grows. But the stakes in this marriage of convenience are raised when Felicity falls pregnant… Will giving the Earl an heir finally help this wallflower blossom into a confident Countess?

A beautiful story ....

Rating By Julia,20/07/2015

A sweet note from the author tells us that Richard Durant, Earl of Stanton makes an appearance in her first Regency Romance but the story has yet to be published so as it is at the moment it stands alone. The first encounter of the two characters happen in August 1810 whilst at the home of a relative Lady Felicity Weston encounters a rather dishevelled Stanton on the stairs of Cheriton Abbey the home of her guardian Cousin Leo. After a brief encounter they basically ignore each other at dinner. One year later, Felicity is eager to marry to get away from her mother’s new husband Mr Farlowe. Lady Katherine is very vain and only cares about her looks and her husband. Belittling her daughter due to her favourite, Emma being dead. She would always bring Emma up time and time again. This made Felicity self-conscious. She threw herself into her children’s home but when Farlowe enters the household things changed for the worse. She requests her mother to arrange a marriage. The mother writes to the other guardian, Cousin Leo for his help in the matter. Leo Beauchamp, Duke of Cheriton goes to Fernley Park in Hampshire to hunt. Richard is the host. With his mother away it is all men at the party. Leo arrived after going to Bath to sort out the problem with Lady Katherine about Felicity. A messenger arrives on the second day to inform the group that Lord Craven, an old school friend of Richard’s, died in a fall whilst hunting. This shocked the whole party but none as much as Richard. He decided to marry so he can protect the land and produce an heir. His current heir Charles Durant constantly comes to ask for money. This woke Richard up to the fact that anything can happen. Whilst in thought, he finds Leo in his study. Since the death of his father Leo has been the best of friends and a big help in Richard’s task of taking over at a young age. Both Richard’s father and brother who was the heir, Adam, died within a few months of each other. It was just Richard, his mother and Charles. Like Felicity, Richard did not have the best of relationships with his mother. Whilst playing chess with Leo he was talking over his new idea and as chance would happen, Leo knew the ideal solution to his problem. If they both were smart enough for an arranged marriage then why not put them together. So Leo set about inviting Richard and Felicity to a party at his house, to introduce Richard to his answer, to the problem. Felicity was weary of giving her heart because of the things that had happened to her mother and her sister, but she could not help herself, when Richard, is revealed as the husband to be. She is shocked and then after their first kiss, she knew being with him would endanger her heart so she tried to get out of the marriage. Her mother and Farlowe had other ideas. If she did not marry then she would have to be a companion for her mother and never marry. She would no longer be able to support her charity. She decides she has no option but to accept. Richard is confused about her reactions to his proposal and sets about to make sure they marry. Their relationship is rocky with both having suffered the same loss in their lives and had to deal with the same problems with their mothers. Richard however, felt more for Felicity then he was willing to admit and Felicity was finding it more and more difficult to keep her heart safe. Their nights were passionate but their days were a little stilted. Just when they were warming to each other they had to go to London and that is where trouble started. Charles kept coming between them and then Richard and his attitude to Lady Brierley who helped young women in need. Unknown to Felicity, her husband and the lady in question had a much closer relationship up to the time of the engagement. Richard was always strange about the two of them becoming friends. Charles introduces them and this causing more tension between Felicity and Richard. Several events happen that both bring them closer and send them apart more during the story. All works out well in the end but a lot happens to both characters before they get there. Both characters were written really well by the author and had similar problems in their lives. The ending was pure gold. The epilogue was perfect. July 1816 we catch up with Felicity and Richard at Cheriton Abbey. The ending is too wonderful to tell you but it made the story even more special.


Rating By R,07/04/2015

An nicely crafted and entertaining Regency romp with personable characters although Felicity's often surly attitude was hard to bear with at times. One point though - why on earth were there 50 (yes FIFTY) chapters - I felt this was unnecessary and made the story slightly stop-start. But I did thoroughly enjoy this.

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