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Unlaced by Candlelight: Not Just a Seduction / An Officer But No Gentleman / One Night with the Highlander / Running into Temptation / How to Seduce a Sheikh

Unlaced by Candlelight: Not Just a Seduction / An Officer But No Gentleman / One Night with the Highlander / Running into Temptation / How to Seduce a Sheikh

A collection of five tantalisingly seductive Regency short storiesNOT JUST A SEDUCTION by Carole Mortimer -The Earl of Chambourne has never forgotten the ... read more

ISBN: 9781472044372
Published: November 2014


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A collection of five tantalisingly seductive Regency short stories
NOT JUST A SEDUCTION by Carole Mortimer -The Earl of Chambourne has never forgotten the only woman he’s ever loved. So when he discovers Sylviana is a widow he hungers to possess her once again.

AN OFFICER BUT NO GENTLEMAN by Bronwyn Scott - Elowyn Bagshaw is not the simpering lady Captain Grahame Westmore expected to escort to Vienna. He’s got a fight on his hands – one they’re both going to enjoy!
ONE NIGHT WITH THE HIGHLANDER by Ann Lethbridge - What is the truth behind Lady Annabelle’s shocking reputation? Gordon McLaughlin is intrigued. And he soon finds one night of illicit pleasure may not be enough…
RUNNING INTO TEMPTATION by Amanda McCabe - After narrowly avoiding scandal, Miss Melanie Harding is sent to live in the country. No balls. No parties. And certainly no flirting with dark-eyed strangers like Philip Carrington…
HOW TO SEDUCE A SHEIKH by Marguerite Kaye - When Prince Zafar buys Colette at a slave market he intends to send her safely home. But she’s eager to learn the art of love – and this desert prince would make the perfect teacher.

A fabulous collection ....

Rating By Julia,14/12/2014

A wonderful collection of stories that were previously released, as Historical Undone ebooks. It is fantastic that mills and boon are releasing these in book form for those who prefer the books from the ebooks. I have read most of these tales before and have them on the ebook Undone series. I can understand the confusion as some of these books are joined into a series of books. I will try to give you the sequence of those books before I write my review of the story. Titles within this book Historical Undone/Historical release date 1 _ Not Just a Seduction (linked) 07/13 2 _ An Officer but No Gentleman (linked) 02/14 3 _ One night with Highlander (linked) 06/13 4 _ Running into Temptation (linked) 04/14 5 _ How to Seduce a Sheikh 05/13 STORY 1 Part of A Season of Secrets series by Carole Mortimer 1 _ Not Just a Seduction (Undone) 07/13 2 _ Not Just a Governess 08/13 3 _ Not Just a Wallflower 12/13 Not Just a Seduction This story helps to start the collection off. It introduces the grandmothers and their schemes to get their grandsons settled into marriage. I was lucky enough to read this at the time and it was a wonderful introduction to the following stories. This story is about Lord Christian Ambrose, Earl of Chambourne and his lost love Sylviana who is now Lady Sylviana Moreland, Countess of Ampthill now a widow. Christian and Sylviana both fell in love 4 years previously when Christian was in the army. He was struck down and nearly died but rallied and came back to England in search of the woman who he asked to wait for him, Sylviana. Sylviana had not heard from Christian and so in desperate need chose to marry the Colonel and become his countess. 4 years on and Sylviana is invited to a ball. Christian was cruel to her at the ball but she arrives at his house the next day to accept his proposal of becoming his mistress but on her own conditions. They both find out truths about their past, reconcile and end up marrying. The story ends with the grandmothers reflecting on the events and making plans for the unmarried men of their families. STORY 2 Part of The League of Discreet Gentlemen by Bronwyn Scott 1 _ Secrets of a Gentleman Escort 12/13 2 _ An Officer but No Gentleman (Undone) 02/14 3 _ A Most Indecent Gentleman (Undone) 03/14 4 _ London’s Most Wanted Rake 03/14 In Secrets of a Gentleman Escort, we learn about the League of Discreet Gentlemen and the above are all stories about the members of the League. An Officer but No Gentleman Grahame Westmore is part of the League but he has worked his way up to being a captain in the cavalry and has come from the slums of London. He is always conflicted about his past and uses that as a breaking point in the story. Elowyn Bagshaw is the daughter of a diplomat and granddaughter to an earl. She is to travel to meet up with her father in Vienna. Her father having lost his wife some years back relies on Elowyn to be his hostess. Elowyn is not like most diplomats’ daughters and turns into a surprise for Grahame. It starts with Channing Deveril the head of the League trying to persuade Grahame to take the assignment of escorting Elowyn to her father in Vienna. The only reason Grahame takes the mission is that the job finishes in Vienna, where he has been invited to interview for the Spanish Riding School. Therefore, Grahame takes up the task of escorting what he believes to be a spoilt princess to meet her father. The first encounter for both characters is explosive in their annoyance with each other but as you can guess, they do find a lot in common and put their differences aside. The banter beginning the encounter was amusing and showed that both the characters are very strong in nature. Both want their way, but they both accommodate each other as the story progresses. The ending is wonderful and the story is a marvellous addition to the series. STORY 3 Part of the Gilvry series by Ann Lethbridge 1 _ The Laird’s Forbidden Lady 07/12 2 _ Her Highland Protector 07/13 3 _ One Night with the Highlander (Undone) 07/13 4 _ Falling for the Highland Rogue 12/13 5 _ Return of the Prodigal Gilvry 05/14 One Night with the Highlander This story is about Gordon McLaughlin and he is a cousin to the Gilvry family. His story is rather short and sweet. He falls in love straight away with Annabelle when they were young, shortly after he was despatched by his father to America to replace his cousin Drew (Andrew Gilvry) who has disappeared. Annabelle has not had an easy life as her father exchanged her for money in her first marriage that ended with both her mother and herself nearly starving as there were no more funds left, leading her into her second marriage that ended recently. Both characters come together again in the strangest of places but it all works out in the end for Gordon and Annabelle. STORY 4 Part of the Bancrofts of Barton Park series by Amanda McCabe 1 _ The Runaway Countess 09/13 2 _ Running from Scandal 12/13 3 _ Running into Temptation (Undone) 04/14 I could not find a link to the previous two stories but the author told us this is the next in this series. Running into Temptation This story follows Melanie Harding who is sent to her uncle’s home from Bath when she behaved badly with Major Whitney, who happened to be engaged to someone else. Melanie goes walking and falls trying to get out of the way of a horse. Philip Carrington is on that horse and picks Melanie up from her fall. Melanie is stunned and sees him as more like an angel. Philip Carrington has financial troubles and is approaching his cousin’s widow to see if she will pay the money that Henry owed him. He is not successful and has to turn to his Scottish Uncle. Philip and Melanie elope but Philip is still unsure until they are in Scotland if he wants to marry. They do marry and the next morning, Major Whitney finds Melanie walking by herself in the village. Philip has to come to her rescue again. The story has such a sweet ending and so beautiful an ending. It fulfils all your needs in the story. I was glad for the Epilogue as it ended the story perfectly. STORY 5 I could not find any links at all for this story. How to Seduce a Sheikh by Marguerite Kaye Prince Zafar al-Zuhr is visiting a neighbour’s kingdom when he found slaves being sold. Zafar is trying to get rid of the practice in his own kingdom. He hears a large sum being bid and goes to look. He sees Colette Beaumarchais. Colette stayed behind to nurse the sick after loosing both her father who was a General and her husband who was a junior officer. She volunteered to go help a band of soldiers, who were attacked and in doing so is attacked and all the men killed. She was taken for the slave market. They did not molest her as they knew she would fetch a large price. Zafar comes to her rescue and buys all the slaves setting them free. He is not able to explain this to Colette so she assumes she is for his harem. Zafar does not keep a harem and is not married. Colette is attracted to him on a level that she has never felt before. She however, thanks to her father and husband, does not see herself as desirable but Zafar does. He has made an oath and intends to keep it. The ending is very sweet and the events during the story make it a wonderful addition to these stories. Unlacing by Candlelight The collection of 5 stories make an enjoyable read. It is so comfortable if you have little time in the day to read to sit down and have the story finish in the time you have. These allow that. All the stories had a sweet and endearing endings to them. They were so diverse in the subjects that you could not help but keep reading. I did a story a day and it was fun to feel more relaxed with these short stories allowing you to find the ending in the same night that you start your read. I didn’t even mind revisiting some of the ones I have read before. I hope that you will find just as much enjoyment and if you have not read the others they are certainly worth checking out.

Neither plot nor character development

Rating By R,26/11/2014

It's very frustrating when linked books in a Series are published in different formats one of which you don't read. These novellas were originally only available in ebook so this does give the reader who prefers the book in her hand a chance to catch up with titles she has missed in a Series. Novellas have generally been slightly longer than half of the M&B standard 180 page long book. Here only one is just about this length while the other four are only around 60 pages long which perforce means that there is neither the chance for development of the plot or the characters. They actually seemed to me to be little more than a string of sexual encounters They just didn't appeal to me at all.

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