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What A Sicilian Husband Wants

On his terms only!. After moving countries, cutting all ties and giving birth to her baby alone, Grace Holden is desperately hiding from her past. But jus... read more

ISBN: 9781472042293
Published: March 2014


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On his terms only!

After moving countries, cutting all ties and giving birth to her baby alone, Grace Holden is desperately hiding from her past. But just when she thinks she might have broken free it catches up with her – in the form of her millionaire Sicilian husband!

Grace has sworn that her daughter won’t grow up amongst the dark power and money of his family…but no one walks away from Luca Mastrangelo. Now, back within his reach, Grace is surprised to see new depths to the man she married – and each crack in his armour makes it harder to fight the desire still blazing between them.

‘Beautiful landscapes and breathtaking chemistry – great book, Michelle!’ – Viv, Bookseller, Shrewsbury

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Rating By Helen,03/02/2014

The title lured me in and it was a decent enough read but I felt like the story failed to meet my expectations.

Oh my!

Rating By Rachel,03/02/2014

The first chapter of this book simply blew me away - never thought I'd see a heroine shoot the hero! I think I may have even squealed out loud when Grace pulls the trigger. From that point I was totally sucked into the story. I like my Mediterranean heroes tall, dark and arrogant so Luca was to die for and perfectly matched by Grace. She's no doormat either. Sizzling sex scenes and the dark side of Sicily too - loved it. I can't wait for the next book to come out and find out what's going on with Grace's buddy, Cara.

A delicious Sicilian!

Rating By Victoria,06/02/2014

I LOVE a hero who can snag my attention and keep it held throughout a crazy good book and that is exactly what Luca did in all his super-sexy, gangster glory. Grace was certainly chilly up front – armed and loaded with enough inner angsty turmoil to set off any trigger-happy finger – but I adored her mama-bear instincts. The way she was ready to protect her daughter at all costs was endearing and gutsy. What ensued was a battle of wills and a highly intense, passionate reunion story that pushed all of my HP buttons. Awesome! Take a bow, Ms Smart :)


Rating By Darcy,02/02/2014

I loved this book. Seriously. Michelle Smart's second book might be even better than the first one. I adore the blend she achieves of insight and freshness with the old promises of the line. I never thought I'd see a Presents heroine shoot the hero, or that I'd be rooting for her to shoot him. But... IT. WAS. AWESOME. :D

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg, South Africa

Rating By Desere,01/02/2014

When the going gets tough the tough gets going right? Not always as in this case the going took off running and the tough does not give up until they are reunited. But once reunited it does not mean the going is simply going to back down and let the tough handle every single aspect of life, again. The going in this read is Grace and the tough her crawl-onto-my-lap-and-I'll-show-you-just-how-much-control-I-have-over-you husband Luca. She dared to run away from him and their semi blissful marriage, all he needs to know is why, that is until he sees his daughter for the first time and walking away with only 'why-did-you-run' answers is no longer what he seeks. Answers he will have, but first he's taking back what is rightfully his. The character of Luca was a true wonder of creativity, like most hero's he is arrogant and you do want to smash his skull with the nearest rock but, you also know there is more to this man and just exactly what makes him tick. And when that awesome truth is revealed moment popped it completely blew me away. The entire time the author truly let me think the absolute worst of this character and towards the end I was starting to doubt he was ever going to redeem himself. But this is exactly what I love about this author's writing, she keeps you the edge of your seat all the way till the end. Through the character of Luca the author showed how the pressure of success can steer us away from our original goals and blind us to what is really happening around us. The character of Grace was kick-ass! She did everything a true love your child to bits mother would do. I could see how Luca could fault her for her actions but if I were in her shoes I would have done the exact same thing. But as the author let Grace develop more I could see how in actual fact her actions might have seemed right at the time but if she has stopped for a moment to confront Luca before disappearing from his life, she would have saved herself from a whole lot of heartache. It all comes down to, hasty decisions will give you a lifetime of regret. The author wrote a stunning story, and with such brutal honesty it brought me to tears. The author never once backed down from getting to the heart of the problem, letting the characters force-fight out emotions they never knew existed, truly fantastic conflict! I'm taking away two messages from this read, firstly never jump to conclusions, what you see is not always what you are really looking at. Sometimes there are more layers hidden under the outside image and to find them you'll need to suck it up and dig deep. Secondly, never let the price of success stand in the way of what is truly important. I highly recommend this read for all HP fans, explosive, passionate, scrumptious and dripping with exquisite romantic perfection! 5/5 star review "His power binds her, her's brings him to his knees"

Interest holding

Rating By R,27/02/2014

Explosive beginning - probably one of the best opening M&B chapters of all time - which really drew you in to the story - although the plot didn't perhaps quite take the path I thought it might. It was a good read with plenty of tension. Grace was a strong and forceful heroine ready to stand up for herself and her daughter but while Luca was smouldering Mediterranean hunk I found his smothering attitude to Grace rather offputting which did slightly spoil my enjoyment. Nine out of ten Nevertheless a good follow up novel and one of the better ones this month.

Scorching, sizzling, totally absorbing read!

Rating By Arpita,15/03/2014

Michelle has out done herself in this love story. You cannot help but fall in love with Luca on ‘sight’ as it were and the same goes for Grace, an adorable heroine. He is so macho, strong and a true hero to put up with her insecurities and yet show his love in so many ways. Again the storyline concentrates on the two of them so nothing detracts from the plot. It is a five star Romance with a capital R!

Loved It!

Rating By Ann,16/03/2014

I loved ‘What a Sicilian Husband Wants’ - loved what Author Michelle Smart did with the H/H. Luca was wonderful, brooding, and so open to change for Grace who, despite her baggage, wasn’t to be trifled with! This is a fast-paced, smooth read that I highly recommend. Looking forward to Pepe’s story.

Perfect couple; Grace & Luca!

Rating By Syamila,17/05/2014

Very good story, good plot, loves Grace because she is soooo daring to do that. Can't believe she would shoot Luca. But I just can't understand why Luca did that? Maybe I need to read again and again to understand him more. Hahaha... But I like what he did in the end, proves how much he loves Grace!!! Love the story till the end!! Thanks, Michelle!! PS: I thought this book has the same style and pace as 'The Sicilian's Unexpected Legacy' but Michelle, you prove me wrong. ^^

Hot Reunion Romance

Rating By Jane,20/11/2014

The first chapter of 'What a Sicilian Husband Wants' is full of suspense and more than a little menace. Not the usual start for a glamorous romance but it intrigued me. Grace is afraid of her own shadow and is reluctant to help the unexpected caller at her door. Her compassionate nature triumphs over her fear but by letting down her guard, she unwittingly lets her past crash into her present existence. Luca Grace's estranged husband tracks her down. His presence at their explosive reunion is almost that of a Gothic hero, especially when he discovers Grace's hidden treasure. Sicily is a picturesque setting but it's easy to see why free spirited Grace ran away from her beautiful prison. The flashbacks are insightful and the chemistry between Grace and Luca easy to imagine.Luca, though flawed has some wonderful qualities. Grace is a strong woman who escapes from the man she loves because his world is sucking the life out of her. Can these two be together when it seems everything but their physical attraction pulls them apart? The ending assures us of happy ever after and is worth the angst. I am looking forward to meeting the next irresistible Sicilian.

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