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Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc

Her first sighting of Dr Wyatt Beauchamp is with his shirt off – all deliciously bronzed corded muscle and mouth-watering abs – and nurse Imogen Donally h... read more

ISBN: 9781472003409
Published: October 2013


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Her first sighting of Dr Wyatt Beauchamp is with his shirt off – all deliciously bronzed corded muscle and mouth-watering abs – and nurse Imogen Donally hopes the next six months working in his remote mountain practice will be… more interesting than she’d originally thought!

Only her Dr Tall, Dark and Handsome quickly proves to be more Tall, Dark and Seriously Brooding…

Tough cookie Imogen has no desire ever to settle down, but even she is reluctantly intrigued by a man just as haunted by the past as she is.

Could a red-hot fling with the sexy, stubborn doc be Imogen’s undoing?

Nice debut

Rating By R,22/09/2013

A promising debut this is certainly pushing the boundaries of the Medical genre with a unique setting of a doctor's surgery centred on a travelling bus in rural America! Wyatt is a sterling and attractive character and although I did on the whole like Imogen she was a bit too pushy and temperamental at times to fully take to. Both characters were carrying secrets which were slightly downplayed and at time it seemed a bit slow paced but if it didn't quite hit the spot it was close to it so I will look forward to the author's next book. Eight out of ten


Rating By Michelle,04/10/2013

Craving Her Rough Diamond Doctor is such a fantastic book the whole world deserves to know about it. Amalie Berlin has created two fabulous characters who simply leap off the page to such an extent that at times it felt as if I were peeking through a window spying on them - I defy anyone not to fall in love with Imogen and Wyatt (spoiler alert - the very first time we're introduced to the good doctor he TAKES HIS TOP OFF! Swoon). I just loved everything about it, from the sizzling chemistry to the 'blue people', and the humour sprinkled throughout. Brilliant.

Reviewed by Desere Steenberg South Africa

Rating By Desere,04/09/2013

Running from your past is something we all do, either by avoiding the subject or taking off when ever the past comes knocking. It is of course never the answer, facing it head on and dealing with it is the only way to truly get rid of it, this takes courage, strength and determination many of us do not have. But what if you come face to face with a person that sees beyond the image of free spirit and picks up that you are indeed running. Would you stick around and try to brush off their attempts to get to know the real you and help you face your past, or would you simply use sex as a means to draw their attention away from getting the low down on what happened and then move on? In the debut read from new Mills and Boon Medical author Amalie Berlin this is the situation Imogen faces, she has been running from her past all her life, she keeps moving in order to remind her to never look back and never ever get attached, when attachment forms it gets messy, complicated and in her experience it is sure to end with heartache. The only friend she has ever really been attached to is Amanda, and when Amanda needs help Imogen is ready, willing and more than able to assist. Only the person that requires the assistance is no other than together-we-can-move-mountains-in and out of bed-Wyatt, and he does not want her help as in ever! But with her go getting attitude she pushes and persuades him into letting her stay and be his temporary nurse until Amanda can make her comeback, but soon it is a decision she regrets, for Wyatt wants into her past, her soul and her body, not long term so should be perfect right? That is until her free spirited self takes a tumble down the mountain and love rears it's head and it is time to face her past, but getting the man to come around to the same conclusion proves harder than logging timber down a mountain top. The characters or Imogen and Wyatt were both so realistically written by the author that they truly felt to me as reader like real life popping out from the pages! They both played out so many emotions that there was never a dull moment in the read. I am talking passion, heartache, sadness, happiness, funny humour,drama, sweet, sensual and oh so sexy, the read had it all. Imogen's feisty always pushing to get what she wants attitude was terrific, but at the same time as reader I was absolutely entranced that she pushes to get what she wants but does not use that same push to face her past, the contradiction was extremely fascinating and very entertaining, brilliantly done Amalie! Wyatt's many masks relating back to his past made him one of those hero's you want to grab hold of and dig till you learn why he is so tied up in knots but at the same time you are thinking that if you know you might not like it very much. The dialogue was extremely emotional, it had me in tears, laughing out load and gasping for air! I loved how the author lets both main characters have a past that is secret and not really spoken of, but more importantly she does not fully hide both their secrets right throughout the read, she rather let me as reader be able to figure out the one's secret but keeps the other one's till almost the very end. It kept me on the edge, wanting to know the why, how and where. The backdrop settings of small towns with funny and ridiculous names gave the read that homey kind of feeling, that let me as reader know that when help is needed no matter the distance or the situation these characters from all over would pull together. The secondary character of Amanda was written in such a manner by the author that you know there is a story and a it is guaranteed to be a good one, and am hoping the author brings us her story and soon! I am taking away a message of past and future can seem blurred when you bring the two together and the line between learning to trust and to rather walk away becomes a beacon in the dark that will either motivate you to get up and fight or let you fall into a hole there simply is no getting out of. I highly recommend this read for any and all lovers of romance, even if you prefer the non medical related reads from Mills and Boon and no messy blood here and illness there, this read will grip you every step of the way. A true emotional roller-coaster read that not only delivers a powerful message but a story of love found in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected type of person. I was carried away to a world of romance and emotion so strong it left me craving my very own mountain doc! A sexy, sensual, romantic, heart-warming and pure emotional romantic bliss filled read. I very much look forward to this author's next read and being transported to a world of pure romance brilliance! 5/5 star review " Chipping away mountain to find the diamond of love"

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