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‘Your reputation precedes you.’

‘What reputation would that be?’ He arched a dark brow

She gave a laugh and spread her fan again, enjoying having the upper hand for the moment. ‘Are you fishing for a compliment, monsieur le vicomte? I don’t think vanity becomes you. I think you know very well what sort of reputation.’

‘Touché. He grinned, showing even white teeth in that kissable mouth of his. It was every bit as delectable up close as it was from the distance of the viewing room or from behind a mask. His blue eyes danced, his gaze taking in all she had to offer. She was acutely alert to the skim of his eyes roaming over the slender length of her neck, how they’d dropped discreetly to the low sweep of her décolletage. His attraction to her was not in doubt.

Electric awareness crackled between them...

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#SummerSizzler Facts

Just spending time in the sun uplifts us and puts us in the mood for fun, adventure and ... love. So it's no surprise then that during the summer we like to read some racy romantic fiction. Here are our top facts about the holiday season and our reading habits! 

Over 50% of women would chose to read romantic fiction than a crime or thriller on holiday.

In the last 4 years, 4 out of the 5 top selling summer reads were erotic fiction.

All the warm weather and the sense of escapism that summer offers makes it much more likely you’ll have a fling than at any other time of year.

The more comfortable you are talking about sex, the more sexual satisfaction you are likely to feel. And if you talk about sex during sex ... well, the sky's your limit!

73% of us believe that others look more attractive in the summer than they do in the winter.

A staggering 43% of us have read erotica - and if you are on of the 57% who haven't, now is the perfect time to start with any title from our super steamy list.

All you need for a long, hot summer. 

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