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The Bull Rider's Baby

Written by Cathy McDavid

Chapter Twenty

You're the one I could fall in love with and spend the rest of my life with.

Addie heard Trevor's voice resounding inside her head and, she had to admit it, inside her heart. This was the declaration she'd been waiting to hear her whole life.

Perhaps she'd been wrong about him. What if sending him away, both times, had been a mistake? Should she be glad he'd had enough courage and determination for the both of them and come back?

Yes, she was glad. And with that realization, emotion welled up inside her, filling all the empty and lonely places she'd ignored for too many years.

Trevor was right. It was a risk. But he was also committed enough to give the two of them—correction, the three of them—a fighting chance. If she turned her back on him again, she could lose a whole lot more than a good relationship with her son's father. She might lose the man she was destined to be with forever and always.

That had a nice ring to it, and as Addie silently repeated the phrase, a warm contentment stole over her.

Now it was she who reached up and cradled his cheek. "Stay."

Trevor looked at her, deeply and with a sense of urgency. "Is that what you really want?"

"Yes. Stay with us in Brawley. Except—" She stopped him with a palm on his chest when he would have hauled her against him. "I have a condition. An important one."

"Whatever. I'll do it."

"If you want to retire from rodeoing after Nationals, that's fine. But you're going to Vegas first."

"I won't leave you and Cody. Even for a week."

"You don't have to. Cody and I will join you. For the final rounds, anyway. I'll talk to my boss. Rearrange my schedule and get a few days off."

His face broke into a wide grin. "Assuming I qualify."

"Oh, you will. I have faith." She did. Not just in Trevor doing well, but in the two of them and their ability to be happy together. "And maybe your aunt and uncle will come, too. That way, Cody and I can meet them."

"I'll call them today."

Addie wasn't opposed to eventually moving to Mustang Valley. She found the idea of small-town life and her husband working as a feed store manager appealing.

Husband! Wait a minute. Maybe she was getting a little ahead of herself.

Then again, when Trevor swept her up into a rib-crushing embrace, she thought the possibility not at all far-fetched.

"One last thing," she said before his mouth came down on hers. "Don't let me and Cody distract you. I want you to retire a champion."

Trevor pushed her back onto the couch cushions, his weight feeling familiar, welcomed and exciting.

"As far as I'm concerned," he said, "I'm already a winner.

After that, neither of them spoke. They were too lost in their kiss, each other's eyes and imagining the wonderful future waiting for them.

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