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His Secret Baby Surprise

Written by Andrea Laurence

A hero's welcome…or a rude awakening?

Finally free from prison after fighting a cruel dictatorship, Cruz Rivera immediately sets out to reclaim his true love, Teresa Vasquez. But when he shows up on her doorstep, he's in for a shock: not only is Teresa living with another man, Cruz is now a father.

Cruz chose his country over their relationship before—can Teresa let herself fall for such a man all over again? With his father set to become prime minister of their European island nation, Cruz will be more in demand than ever. But will the demands of the heart—and newfound family—win the day?

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Chapter One


Cruz Rivera took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the warm, salty sea air. After having spent the last couple years on the wrong side of prison bars, he was a free man, a revolutionary hero to the citizens of the tiny island nation of Alma. The dictatorship that had gripped his homeland for seventy years had fallen at last and he was finally able to pick up his life where he'd left off.

His father, Manuel, was the new prime minister of Alma. He wanted to schedule press conferences and speeches where Cruz could rally the country behind their new democracy. As a leader of the revolution, Cruz was the perfect symbol. But at the moment, he only had one thing on his mind: Teresa.

Glancing down at the map on his phone, he frowned. Teresa Vasquez was the only daughter of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Alma. And yet, the small whitewashed house in front of him was downright humble. It was respectable in size, two stories, with a small courtyard, but it was nothing like the grand home she'd lived in when he was arrested.

Had things really changed that much in Alma while he was imprisoned?

Determined to find out, he knocked on the heavy wooden door and waited for her to answer. A moment later, the door swung open and a tall, muscular man answered. He was tanned and lean like a soccer player with short cropped hair and dark eyes that narrowed suspiciously at him. The man didn't smile as his gaze raked over Cruz.

"Yes?" he said at last.

"Hello," Cruz said with a smile. "I'm looking for Teresa Vasquez. I was told this was her new address but I must have the wrong—"

"One minute," the man interrupted. Leaning back into the house, he shouted, "Teresa, there's a man here to see you."

So, Cruz didn't have the wrong house. He felt a dull ache form in his stomach as he realized what was going on. For two years, he'd sat in a small stone and iron cell thinking of the woman he loved. He'd sacrificed everything to liberate Alma. He did it for her, for everyone, so they could live a life free of the cruel iron grip of the Tantaberra family.

And while he'd sat in prison for treason, his precious Teresa had moved on.

The man at the door reluctantly stepped back and Teresa took his place. The moment Cruz laid eyes on her again, it was as if the last two years had never happened. She was just as beautiful as he remembered, with long, soft brown hair that tumbled over her bare shoulders in soft waves. Her skin was like honey kissed by the sun. He wanted to scoop her into his arms and kiss the soft pink lips he'd dreamt about as he lay on his prison cot each night.

But he didn't dare move. Teresa's gray eyes held trepidation, not adoration.

She gripped the door frame and stepped closer to him. "What are you doing here, Cruz?"

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Andrea Laurence

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