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Island Fling with Dr. Christianopolis

Written by Tina Beckett

Chapter Six

She was a doctor?

She had to be older than he’d thought. Definitely not mid-twenties.

The EMTs arrived and confirmed both of their diagnoses. The man had developed a sudden allergic reaction to shellfish. While they’d had him flat on his back to keep his airway open, a woman identified herself as a doctor from the hospital on Mythelios, the very place he was here to visit. She quickly took charge of the situation, leaving Matt and Rylee to simply lend a helping hand where they could. Soon the man was loaded onto the ambulance and headed toward the hospital.

“I thought you were here on a business trip,” she asked after they left.

“I am. I’m scouting out the hospital for residents at the university hospital where I work.”

“Are you a practicing doctor?”

“Yes, but I also help the university find viable locations to place residents.” Matt had gone through a period toward the end of his marriage, where stress had nearly driven him into the ground. His hospital’s offer of the new position had lightened his patient load tremendously. When he wasn’t traveling, he did help out where he could. “I’m a trauma doc. I hang out in the ER when home. And you?”

“I’m a pediatric neurosurgeon.”

Something about the way she said that made him cock his head. “Don’t you like what you do?”

“Most of the time. It’s not always easy.”

“No, I’m sure it’s not. Things don’t always go the way you might want them to. I get it.”

And he did. Trauma cases were often life or death emergencies.

“My son died of a brain tumor.” Her voice was so soft, he almost missed the words, but the heartache behind them was unmistakable. As was the way she curved her arms around her midsection. “I didn’t see it coming, and when the diagnosis hit, there was nothing I could do to help him.”

Hell. “And your husband?”

“He didn’t blame me, if that’s what you mean. But he also didn’t want to talk about Sean, and I…I needed to—needed to process things. To work through my grief. It made things…difficult.” She shook her head and gave him a shaky smile. “And I have no idea why I even said any of that.”

He touched her hand, unable to imagine the pain of having to keep all of that bottled up inside her. “We’re having an island fling, remember? It only makes sense that we know a little about each other.”

“Thank you.” She gave his fingers a quick squeeze, then dropped her hand to her side. “How about you? Any skeletons in your closet?”

“Skeletons? No. Like I told you, I was married. No children. She cheated, and we got divorced.”

“I’m so sorry.” This time she was the one who reached out. “That must have been hard.”

“Not as hard as losing a child.”

She gave a half shrug. “We all have some form of heartache to deal with. But that’s for life back home. For now I just want to enjoy the sun and the rest of my vacation.”

“Agreed. So let’s finish what’s left of our dinner, and tomorrow I’m scheduled to visit the hospital. Interested in joining me?”

“Yes. I’d love to. You’ll have to translate since I won’t understand a word anyone is saying.”

“Consider that a part of the island fling package deal.”

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Tina Beckett

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