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Island Fling with Dr. Christianopolis

Written by Tina Beckett

Chapter Five

More than one woman looked at her with envy. She smiled. She couldn’t blame them. Matt had changed for dinner, his casual T-shirt and flip-flops exchanged for a dark gray polo shirt and khaki trousers. His thick black hair was slicked back from his forehead, although there was a wave across the top that made her smile. That lack of obedience probably drove him crazy if she was judging him correctly. But he also didn’t seem like one to go in and have it tamed by a hairdresser.

She’d changed into a loose gauzy top, cropped slacks and heeled sandals. It felt good to not have to worry about arguments or whether Chet would be in a good or bad mood. She could just sit and enjoy her meal with no fear of starting something she had no interest in finishing.

It might all be for show, but it actually took the pressure off both of them. He wasn’t interested in dating. And she wasn’t interested in socializing. They would share meals and then go their separate ways. Maybe she should have kept her wedding ring on to add another layer of believability to the charade.

No. It didn’t matter.

And since they were here, they might as well engage in a little conversation to make things look authentic. She unfolded her napkin. “So, what do you do for a living?”

He gave her a quick glance, and she quickly added, “I’m not interested in you for your money, remember? I’m just here as a favor.”

“Right.” He smiled. “Sorry, old habit.”

“It’s okay, and I understand completely. I’ve just been married so long that I’ve lost track of the games women play.”

Rylee was vaguely aware of a plate crashing to the floor and a small disturbance somewhere behind them.

“And you never played those games?”

“Actually no. I never did.”

The broken plate gave way to a woman’s sudden wail in English. “Oh God. Somebody please help us.”

Rylee leaned to the side to look in that direction and saw a man with his face planted flat on the table, a broken plate on the floor beside him. An older woman stood behind him, pulling at his shoulders as if to shake him awake. “What the…?”

She jumped from her seat and Matt cranked his head around, then joined her. Together they rushed toward the table where a crowd was gathering. The woman was now slapping the man on the back in a frantic effort to do something. Anything.

No, no, no. That won’t help.

They reached the crowd just as a manager told the woman in broken English that an ambulance was coming.

Matt pushed his way through, and she followed.

She had no idea what he was expecting to do, but at least he was helping her get to the man.

He got on one side of the patient, and she got on another. Their eyes met and she frowned.

The manager tried to intervene, and just as Rylee opened her mouth, so did Matt. His voice was like a surreal echo in the back of her head, saying what she said word for word.

“It’s okay. I’m a doctor.”

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Being the product of a Navy upbringing, it has always felt natural to ...

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Tina Beckett

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