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The Wedding Secret

Written by Kianna Alexander

Chapter Eleven

Amir strolled across his office inside Robertson Contracting, coming to a stop beside his desk. Looking at the stack of paperwork there made him sigh. As much as he loved his work and the freedom of being his own boss, he hated doing the paperwork that came along with it. He’d already passed as much of it off to his secretary as he could, so there would be no avoiding this stack.

While he stood facing his window, shuffling through papers, his desk phone rang. His secretary only forwarded calls to him if they needed his personal attention. Absentmindedly he lifted the receiver to his ear. “Robertson Contracting. Amir Robertson speaking.”

“Hi, Amir. How are you?”

He recognized her voice right away. His heartbeat racing, he tossed the papers down. “Renata?”

“Yes, it’s me. I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time.”

A million questions raced through his mind, but one stood out above the rest. “How did you…”

“Find you?” She finished his statement. “It took a little digging, but it helps that your picture is on your website.”

He drew in a deep breath, hoping to steady himself. Dropping into the chair behind his desk, he asked the next logical question. “What can I do for you?”

A beat passed before she answered. “Well, I’ve been thinking of expanding my flower shop, and I was searching for a contractor. When I found out your line of work, I decided to reach out to you.”

His brow crinkled. He’d noticed her hesitation before answering, but decided not to read too much into it. Besides, he didn’t make a habit of turning down business. Robertson Contracting was on very stable footing, and he worked hard to keep it that way. “I appreciate your reaching out. How extensive a change are you looking to make?”

“I’d say it’s pretty substantial. The suite next to me is empty, so we may be taking out a wall.”

He scratched his chin. “I’ve got a lot of experience in the business, so I’m sure I can handle whatever you need.”

She made a low humming sound in her throat. “I’m confident you can.”

He sensed the double meaning in her words. His memories of the night they’d shared were still fresh, and it seemed the same was true for her. Still, she’d called about a job and he wanted to keep their conversation professional. Turning to the appointment book on his desk, he flipped it open. “If you’re eager to get started, I have an open slot tomorrow afternoon. Around two, will that work?”

“Sounds good.”

“Give me the address to your shop.” He jotted it down as she recited it.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Amir.”

“All right. Have a good day, Renata.”

As he hung up, he wondered what would happen when he saw her again. He’d been able to keep things light on the phone. Being in her presence would be another thing entirely.

I guess we’ll see.

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