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Georgie Lee

Georgie Lee

Taking you to the heart of history

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About Georgie

I was born and raised in southern California where I grew up watching classic films on the Saturday Morning Film Festival and reading about history. I’ve always considered myself a writer and over the years I’ve written everything from poetry to screenplays. I wrote my first prize-winning short story for a contest in sixth grade. At the time, I was fascinated by Greek mythology so I created a myth about the Greek gods and the creation of the silver swan constellation. The story won first prize.

My professional writing career began at a small cable TV station in San Diego where I wrote marketing videos and public service announcements. I’d always dreamed of being a screenwriter, so I moved to Los Angeles and earned my MA in screenwriting. Despite my best efforts, screenwriting success proved a little elusive (OK, a LOT elusive). I’d always read romance novels and so I thought to myself, 'heck, maybe I can write a romance novel?' So I did. The first draft wasn’t pretty, but I learned a lot during the revision process.

In addition to writing, I’m an avid reader of non-fiction history and I'm such a history buff, I once took classes on how to read and speak New Kingdom Ancient Egyptian. I also love period piece movies. I’ll watch anything with a costume and an accent, and I have sat through some truly awful films because of it.