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Elaine Grant

Elaine Grant

Where romance is always a thrill

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Elaine's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
Elements of time
Coming of age

About Elaine

Growing up, I was often happier in my imaginary realms than the real world, so I always loved the idea of writing and illustrating books.
I started my first novel after watching Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Colour when I was fifteen. My highwayman tale named ‘The Legend of Dick Turpin’ is still tucked away in a drawer somewhere… but could still see the light of day yet!

After living for over thirty-five years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I finally live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where I have mountain views all around, but don't have to worry about getting up and down them in the winter!

I’m still trying to learn how to grow a garden in this rocky soil and spend my time with my husband of thirty eight years, my cat of eighteen years, and two Australian Shepherds aged thirteen years and ten months. The puppy is quite a bundle of energy and we're attempting agility classes with her. She’s actually very good at it. Me? ... not so much. But it's good fun and she loves tackling the obstacles.

I have a wonderful son who now lives in Chicago. How he got to be such a big-city fan, I'll never know, but he’s introduced us to a completely different level of living, from New Orleans to New York City, Houston, and now Chicago. Big cities can be fun if you have the right tour guide and the view from the 50+ floor overlooking the city and Lake Michigan is spectacular!