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Helen Bianchin

Helen Bianchin

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Helen's top writing themes

Elements of time
Lust and desire
Physical intimacy

About Helen

I worked as a legal secretary in my native New Zealand, before spending two years travelling and working in Australia where I met and married my Italian-born husband in the tobacco farming town of Mareeba, North Queensland. It was a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree lifestyle change – cooking for seasonal workers, helping out on the farm and caring for hundreds of chickens, ducks and turkeys. Should I mention that I also had to kill, clean and prepare chickens for the table?

After three years I moved back to New Zealand with my husband and daughter, where we added two more sons to our family. Encouraged by a friend who enjoyed my numerous anecdotes about life as a farmer’s wife, the idea of a romance novel emerged. True to the old saying to ‘write what you know…’ I created an Italian-born hero who owned a prosperous tobacco farm – meshing fact with fiction and authenticity! Six years after my first book was published, I returned with my family to Australia to settle in southeast Queensland where we currently reside. Our three children live close by, together with six young grandchildren.

When I’m not writing, I love reading, watching movies and television and catching up with friends. I also have a long-standing affection for animals, especially cats. At present count I own two beautiful Birman, one of whom insists on sharing my desk for an occasional hour or two each day!

Favourite films

Pretty Woman