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Red Garnier

Red Garnier

Riveting, red hot romance

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I don’t think there’s anything as magical as reading a wonderful book. Since I read my very first, I was utterly transported to a world that made me want to pack my bags and move right into it. I was twelve. Maybe thirteen. And I finally knew what I wanted to be.

A writer.

But a writer’s life isn’t as romantic as it sounds. Life always gets in the way of writers. You either live your own, or you sit down and create one for someone. Someone more wonderful, more interesting, more courageous. And because I met a wonderful man, my life came first. I married him. And we have two wonderful kids, whom we adore. And writing seemed to be just a little moment living in a big dream. I wrote, but I wrote little, and I needed more.

It wasn’t until the start of 2005 when my life had settled around me, and with that stillness came a gnawing restlessness. I needed to write, really write, or I’d be miserable.

So I started, spending a few hours a day on the computer, and later entire nights. I heard of Ellora’s Cave, an erotic romance publisher, and their call for submissions for their hotter Exotika line. Ahh! Something sexy, I thought, and mulled through that a bit further: Something scandalising. Shocking. Out of this world caliente.


And so began a career writing erotic romance, which took off quickly and unexpectedly.

I live in Texas with my family, two very big dogs, and dozens of wandering deer who keep eating the flowers. Sometimes I write all day, and sometimes the words elude me, little devils. But the thing is, at last I write. Or perhaps I spin, weaving tales of love and woe and raw, unbridled passion.

Thank you for visiting my page, and if you choose to read one of my books, I hope you find it deliciously scandalising, shockingly entertaining, and enjoyable to boot.

I can tell you that I absolutely loved writing it.

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