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Meriel Fuller

Meriel Fuller

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Meriel's top writing themes

Horses and ranches
Emotional expression - wit
Romance and passion

About Meriel

I spent my childhood with my nose buried in books – and with my mother as the local librarian, I had a never-ending supply of wonderful stories. My father gave me a love of history, especially Medieval English history which is the period I tend to concentrate on in my books. Our family days out would consist of treks to ruined castles, or picnics in ancient woodlands – magical places imbued with tales from long ago. I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Dorset where the rugged coastline and soft hills give me an endless supply of material for my books.

In addition to writing, I am passionate about textiles – I am a keen knitter and sew a lot of my own clothes. I even have a weaving loom stuffed in the attic! I insist on giving everyone home-made presents, and my family live in fear of Christmas and birthdays when they always seem to receive a sweater that doesn’t really fit!

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