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Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Sarah's top writing themes

The home
Marriage and family
Elements of time

About Sarah

I was born in Pennsylvania and studied English at Smith College. After I graduated, I started teaching second grade and it was during this time, whilst quietly going mad, that I began to write seriously. I’ve read and loved romances since the age of ten and naturally I just thought ‘why not?’

Reforming the Rake was the title of my first novel. Shortly after I completed it, I moved to London to pursue a masters degree in Art History. I still live there now, with my boyfriend who – like any proper romantic hero – grew up in a castle. Our flat is built on a much smaller scale, and we share it with a growing collection of books, broken antique furniture and Indian spices.

Having completed my masters, I’m now devoting my time to writing about much more interesting things, like sex. In addition to writing I enjoy riding, dogs, shopping, decorative arts and cake.