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Kate Carlisle

Kate Carlisle

Bestselling author of passionate love stories

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Kate's top writing themes

Elements of time
Office settings
Physical intimacy

About Kate

I spent twenty years working in television production before I decided to go to law school, where I turned to writing fiction as a lawful way to take revenge on my evil professors. I eventually left law school, but the urge to write was something that never left me... and now here I am!

As well as writing, I love chocolate and ice cream and pasta and potato chips, and some of my favourite activities are travelling, reading and drinking good wine. I'm not very good cooking, but I excel as watching other people do it.

I currently live with my husband by the beach in Southern California, where I was born and raised. Please feel free to visit my website where, among other exciting fun facts, you can learn all about my lifelong struggle to find the perfect hairstyle.

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