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Carol Arens

Carol Arens

Rebels, renegades and ranchers to die for!

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Carol's top writing themes

Elements of time
The body
Physical intimacy

About Carol

Dear Reader,

     First, let me say thank you for taking an interest in my books. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you have given me a bit of your time. Time is something we all seem to run short of and I appreciate the moments we share together within the pages of a book.
I live in Winnetka, California (that’s just north of Los Angeles) with my husband of many years, and the collection of pets that our now grown children have left behind. My oldest is a son, followed by three daughters. Through them, God has blessed us with two grandsons and five granddaughters and the tally may not be up yet!
I have wanted to write stories since I was a child. My third grade teacher once commented that I should spend less time dreaming out the window and more time on my sums. I never could quite manage that, and even now when I write, it’s in a cushy chair tucked into the bay window. One never knows when an interesting character might parade by.
Writing remained a dream of mine until my children were all in school. Once I got down and serious with learning the craft, I was hooked. Thanks to the generous teaching of the members of Romance Writers of America, my dream of writing books went from hope to reality.
It is my fondest hope that, together, you and I will meet fascinating characters and travel to interesting places all within the comfort of our cushy chairs… while the rest of the world parades past our windows.

Best wishes,
Carol Arens

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