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Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows

Sparkling regency romance

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Romance and passion
The body
Emotional expression

About Annie

I was born in Suffolk, England, to parents who loved to read. Our home was always full of books, and every Saturday we went to the local library to stock up on more!
Always a bit of a daydreamer, I began to make up stories in my own head during long walks to and from school, and during the prolonged bouts of illness that kept me in bed.
Part of every family holiday was spent visiting stately homes, or exploring ruined castles. As soon as we got home, me and my older sister would either dress up as lords and ladies and romp around the garden, or, if it was raining, draw intricate plans of our very own imaginary stately home, complete with secret tunnels and a maze in the extensive grounds.

My love of stories meant that I decided to study English Literature at University. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do beyond that, but meeting a handsome maths student, who was also the owner of a very powerful motorbike, helped me make up my mind. We got married, and I followed him to Manchester where he earned his Doctorate.

For many years I felt it was important to stay at home to raise my two children, but one day, when the youngest was at senior school, I began to wonder if all those daydreams that had kept my mind occupied whilst carrying out mundane chores, would provide similar pleasure to other women.
My first attempt at working one of my storylines into a manuscript took almost two years, mainly because I kept tearing it up and starting all over again. Having to get a job to help pay school fees and university tuition for my children didn't help either. This first completed novel was rejected by every single publisher I sent it to, but by this time I had become addicted to writing about brooding heroes and the feisty heroines who bring them true love. Most of my stories take place during the Regency era – a time when a man could rise to the pinnacle of society through enterprise and daring, or plummet to the depths of poverty through one reckless turn of the card.

Happily, Mills & Boon accepted another one of my manuscripts, and His Cinderella Bride was published in September 2007. (Which was fortunate, really. All I want to do is write, so having to go out to work to earn money had been really getting in the way!)