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Lorraine Beatty

Lorraine Beatty

Southern faith, southern charm, southern romance

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Lorraine's top writing themes

Elements of time
Surburbia and neighbours
Lust and desire

About Lorraine

I’ve always loved romance novels. I started with Emilie Loring and Barbara Cartland and now I’m blessed to write romances myself. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and wrote my first story at the age of eleven. It was awful, but I still have it – all four pages. I didn’t start writing again until after I was married to my hubby, Joe, and we had two boys. They were always watching sports so I decided to start writing again. I tried my hand at short stories, fan-fiction, even had a column in a small local paper, but nothing was as much fun as writing romance.

By this time we’d moved from Ohio to Connecticut then down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We lived there for thirteen years or so before we moved to Jackson, Mississippi which is where we are today. Right between our two sons and their families in Monroe, Louisiana and Nashville, Tennessee.

I sold my first book in 1990 to Silhouette Special Editions and had three more after that. One day I realised I wasn’t happy with writing those steamy scenes and decided to take a break. Five years later I started writing again, this time focusing on Christian romance, but it took another seven years to get published again.

Those in-between years were filled with growing boys who became married men with families. I’m blessed with two super duper daughters-in-law, and five amazing grandchildren. I’ve designed my backyard garden with them in mind – with bridges, paths, playhouses and secret passages. We have a big gazebo in the yard that my hubby built. The girls think it’s a castle, the boy, a rocket ship. Go figure.

I love working in the garden and sitting in my gazebo. Now that I’m writing full time I don’t have as much time to putter as I used to, but I’ll get out there as much as I can. I like to walk too and watch old movies – anything from the 30s and 40s, and any musical I can find. I love to read and sit in my swing and think up new stories to tell.

Next, I’m looking forward to the hubby retiring, and also writing more and more books – God willing and the creek don’t rise!