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Lucy Ashford

Lucy Ashford

Passionate Regency romances, with dashing heroes and sparkling heroines

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Lucy's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Physical intimacy
Emotional expression - wit

About Lucy

As a child, I was at my happiest immersed in a book… fortunately the public library was just around the corner, so I was one of its most regular clients! I studied English at Nottingham University and was supposed to immerse myself in Anglo-Saxon, linguistics, among other things – but really, looking back, I was always drawn to novels, especially historicals.

After my degree, I became the mainstay of the public library yet again by actually working in one – and oh, all those lovely books! 'Surely', I thought, 'surely I could try to write one too?' And so began my life as a ‘wannabe’ author, coping with family and job at the same time; receiving the usual rejections, but quite a lot of encouragement as well, until the marvellous day of being taken on by a London agent and getting that first contract. A champagne moment, definitely!

I have written longer historical novels, but have also fulfilled a dream by writing romances for Mills and Boon. Years ago, I was runner-up in a Mills and Boon historicals competition and although the book never made it to publication (I remember that the Regency heroine was pathetic, and kept fainting) I learned a lot, and years later, with patient and skilled help from editor Linda Fildew, I got my first Mills and Boon contract, for The Major and the Pickpocket – more champagne! I have always had a fertile imagination, which I put down to my Celtic roots – my family on both sides come from the Isle of Man, and I get back there whenever I can.

I have lived in London and various other parts of the United Kingdom with my long-suffering husband who is a retired solicitor. We have one daughter, who is a musician and is based in York. My home is now in the Peak District, near to Bakewell and beautiful Chatsworth House – we live in an old stone cottage with roses around the front door. I love gardening and walking in the hills, dreaming up my next story.

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Regency Affairs Part 2

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One Night with Collection

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