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Jennie Adams

Jennie Adams

Story-teller and romance addict

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Jennie's top writing themes

The body
Emotional expression
Physical intimacy

About Jennie

As the self-confessed owner of an overactive imagination, I’m an avid romance reader, particularly in the historical, paranormal and suspense romance subgenres – I like to ply it with enthusiasm in every way I can.

I’ve travelled in America, trekked Australia’s Kosciusko National Park, lived and worked on a wheat/sheep farm, played piano at marriage ceremonies, sung in a choral production and worked in jobs ranging from legal transcription typist to motor mechanic’s office assistant. As the call of my butterfly gene gets stronger, I’m activating more and more the maxim of ‘Have Laptop, Will Travel.’

I have a deep personal interest in Aboriginal artwork and the depiction of Aboriginal spirituality, Dreamtime tales and legends through the medium of art. I actively in encourage upcoming Aboriginal artists and this year will have the pleasure of studying in detail the process and execution of the work of several emerging artists, as well as travelling to further study this passion.

In my downtime I’m an online-forum junkie, have perfected the art of eBay auctioning, adore clothes shopping, have a developing footwear fetish, am exploring new forms of musical entertainment and endlessly study the human condition wherever, in whatever form, and as often as I may do so.

I’m mother to three adult children and enjoy a family that’s both blooded and chosen and as unique and diverse as the families I write of in my books.

Favourite films

My favourite film right now is ‘Say Anything’ starring John Cusack and Ione Skye.

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