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Michelle Styles

Michelle Styles

Warm, witty and intimate historical romance

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Michelle's top writing themes

Romance and passion
The body
Physical intimacy

About Michelle

Although I was born and raised near San Francisco, I traded in the west coast sunshine and lifestyle for the much colder climate of Northumberland when I married my husband at the age of twenty four. Completely changing my life and leaving my family was probably the most foolhardy – but romantic – thing I have ever done. I was young enough not to consider the consequences, but I’ve never regretted my decision. One of the biggest things to help me get over the initial homesickness and culture shock was discovering that Mills and Boon were the same as my beloved escapist reads from Harlequin.

Currently I live a mile south of Hadrian's Wall with my husband, three children who are off at university (but still return home on occasion loaded down with laundry), two border collies and a cat who is convinced he is an editor. To Americans, I sound English and to the British, I sound American. When pressed, I say I speak both American and English as the two countries are often separated by a common language. I’ve always been an avid reader. I have a particular interest in history and romance, but really I read anything. (I have been known to resort to cereal packets in desperation, once or twice.)

Writing means I put my imagination to good use, rather than inflicting it on my family. Writing for Mills and Boon has been a real dream come true, made all the sweeter by the fact that my mother used to tell me that reading romance would never bring me the career I wanted.

When I am not writing, reading or doing research, I tend my rather overgrown garden, which is also home to assorted ducks and hens, or do needlework, particularly counted cross-stitch. I also love baking and have been making my own bread for years – I find that kneading is particularly good when trying to figure out plot problems. Because I also like to eat said bread (among other things), I also exercise for about an hour and a half every morning.

If you’d like to find out more about me, please feel free to click my social links.

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