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Bronwyn Scott

Bronwyn Scott

Passionate Regency romance

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Bronwyn's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Physical intimacy
Emotional expression

About Bronwyn

I live in the Pacific Northwestern United States, where I work as a communications instructor at a small college. I enjoy playing the piano and hanging out with my three children. I definitely do not enjoy cooking or laundry - I leave that to my husband, who teaches early morning and late evening classes at the college so he can spend the day being a stay-at-home daddy.

I remember writing all my life. I started attending young-author conferences held by the school district when I was in fourth grade and am still proud of my first completed novel in sixth grade – a medieval adventure that my mom typed for me on a Smith-Corona electric typewriter! I have since happily moved on to RWA conferences and a computer.

I love history and research and am always looking forward to writing my next story. I also enjoy talking with other writers and readers about books they like, and the writing process.