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Maggie Cox

Maggie Cox

Welcome to my dream…

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Maggie's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Physical intimacy
Emotional expression

About Maggie

I loved to write almost as soon as I learned how to read. My favourite occupation was daydreaming and making up stories in my head, and this particular pastime has stayed with me through all the years of growing up, starting work, marrying and raising a family. No matter what was going on in my life, whether joy, happiness, struggle or disappointment, I'd go to bed each night and lose myself in my imagination.

Through all the years of my secretarial career I kept on filling exercise books and my word processor with writing that I never showed to anyone, keeping my stories for my own enjoyment alone. It wasn't until I met my second husband and the love of my life, that I was persuaded to start sharing those stories with a publisher.

Having read at least one or two paperback Mills & Boon's a week since I was in my teens, they seemed an obvious choice for me as a publisher. After several rejections, the letters coming back to me gradually became more and more positive and encouraging, and in July 2002 I sold my first book, A Passionate Protector, to Modern Romance.

The fact that I am being published is truly a dream come true; however, each book I write is still a journey in courage and hope, and a quest to learn and grow and be the best writer I can. My advice to aspiring authors is not to give up at the first hurdle, or even the second, third or fourth, but keep on keeping on until your dream is realised because if you are truly passionate about writing and learning the craft, as Paulo Coehlo states in his book The Alchemist: "The Universe will conspire to help you make it a reality."

Favourite films

Last of The Mohicans and The English Patient