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Trish Wylie

Trish Wylie

Sparkling romance with sizzle and sass!

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Trish's top writing themes

Body language
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Trish

I've always wanted to write. For me it started in Primary School with what we knew as 'creative writing'. I had a rather inventive teacher who came up with a star rating system for homework. The more stars you gained, the closer you were to cashing them in for a night off. As I was truly awful at Mathematics, Creative Writing was my best way of earning stars and hence a lifelong passion was born. (For the record my first story involved Flumps who lived on a sponge island in the bathtub. I have no idea why I can remember that but still manage to forget where I've left my keys, the dog lead, that cup of coffee I had five minutes ago, etc..)

By the time I discovered Mills & Boon in my late teens I was determined I would end up writing for them. I would tell anyone patient enough to listen it was what I'd do one day (more often than not met with the sound I now know to describe as a snort of derision). But since I never had the guts to send anything away, real life took over and I embarked on a long career of careers.

Somewhere between teaching small children to sit on ponies, working as a sales rep for a music/video wholesaler and travelling as a show groom, I had a riding accident that made me re-think what I wanted out of life. As a result I brutally revised a manuscript I'd started when I was eighteen, discovered the e-harlequin boards, learned everything I could about submitting and finally took the plunge. My first submission became my first sale and ‘The Bridal Bet’ made me the published author I’d said I would be. Yay!

The moral of this long-winded story is never give up on your dreams. I now look back on all the careers I had, all the experiences gathered along the way, and I can honestly say it was great training for what I do now. Grist for the mill as the saying goes...

Favourite films

Picture Perfect. Books I love: The Colour Of Magic by Terry Pratchett, Emma by Jane Austen, Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell, Gabe/Morgan/Sawyer/Jordan by Lori Foster and Enlightened Equitation by Heather Moffatt