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Kate Hardy

Kate Hardy

Romance filled with warmth, heart and charm

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Kate's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Body language
Elements of time

About Kate

I live just outside Norwich with my husband, teenage son and daughter, and a lazy spaniel.

I’ve always loved books and could read before I even started school. I always knew that I wanted to be a writer and I amazingly convinced my parents to buy me a proper typewriter for my sixth birthday. (I’m still a six-finger typist, though…) My first stories were all about ponies or outer space, but after I discovered Mills & Boon when I was twlve, I knew that writing romance was what I really wanted to do.

After completing my English degree, I started working as an accountant – and hated every second of it! My clients always asked me why I wasn't working in PR, so I decided to go into marketing communications and did that for the next ten years. In between studying for two sets of professional exams, I continued to write short stories and novels.

When my son, Chris, was born in 1997, I decided to go freelance so I could spend time with my new baby. I became a health journalist and copy editor but never lost my love of romance. Then when I fell pregnant with my daughter, my husband suggested I combine my two loves by writing medical romances. I started reading them and was instantly hooked. (I swear they were my pregnancy craving!)

At six weeks old, my daughter Chloë spent her first Christmas in the hospital with bronchiolitis. The only way I could cope was to pretend it was happening to someone else – so I began writing A Baby of Her Own in longhand at Chloë's bedside. My agent liked the first three chapters. So did Mills & Boon. The final manuscript was accepted on Chloë's first birthday, and published on her second.

When I’m not writing, I’m either at the gym or ballroom dancing (our lessons started as part of the research for my very first Cherish romance), or messing about in the kitchen. I love cooking, and that can be anything from cakes and cookies through to experimenting with new main courses. I have quite a lot of cookery books but don’t tend to follow recipes – I see them more as guidelines and look at how I can tweak them. I try to keep weekends free to spend with my husband and children – and that can mean anything from a walk on the beach (even in winter) through to visiting ancient churches with my husband, or some serious girly shopping with my daughter. We’re huge fans of the cinema and the theatre, and I’ll take any excuse to see a performance! I’m a bit of a music junkie and I love playing the piano and guitar – sometimes having a jam session with my youngest, which is great fun. (We can occasionally coax her brother out of grumpy teen mode to get him to join us on vocals, but he might kill me for saying that!) And then there’s my reading habit… I don’t actually know how many books I have, but my to-be-read pile is in three figures. (Shh – don’t tell my husband!)

Favourite films

When Harry Met Sally and It’s a Wonderful Life