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Lynne Marshall

Lynne Marshall

Life, love and the pursuit…

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Elements of time
The body
Physical intimacy

About Lynne

I believe I developed my creative writing skills by being an avid reader, by always observing life, and from raising my delightfully challenging children. In 2000, with two teenagers who no longer needed so much of my time, the story of my heart came kicking and screaming out of my head. I had a choice to either write it down or go loopy. A little of both happened. In 2001 I entered the world of romance writing, and I have never looked back. By joining writers’ groups, attending national and local conferences and taking extension courses to hone my craft, I discovered the most wonderful group of supportive people and first-class friends which I consider a blessing.

I love to read, take day trips with my hubby and, better yet, take vacations anywhere and everywhere I can. I also like to see movies and eat out – Italian and Mexican restaurants are my favourites, seafood is always a treat as well. For exercise, I attend aerobics classes for mature adults and take walks with the family dog, Milo. I find brisk walking helps stimulate my imagination, and I have often solved writing dilemmas or come up with new ideas for books while walking.

I am thrilled to be a part of the great big genre of romance literature. In a world that often gives people little encouragement, romance stories always end with hope and as I have learned throughout my own life, hope is the candle that guides us through the long and trying times.

I love to hear from my readers and you can contact me via my website or on Twitter.

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