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Deb Marlowe

Deb Marlowe

Bestselling Author of adventurous Regency romance

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Deb's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
Romance and passion
Physical intimacy

About Deb

I love History, England and Men in Boots. Clearly I was meant to write Regency historical romance! 

I grew up in Pennsylvania with my nose in a book. Luckily, I'd read enough romances to recognise the true modern hero I met at a college Hallowe'en party – even though he wore a tuxedo t-shirt instead of breeches and tall boots. We married, settled in North Carolina and produced two handsome, intelligent and genuinely amusing boys. Though I spend much of my time with my nose in my laptop, for the sake of my family I do occasionally abandon my inner world for the domestic adventure of laundry, dinner and carpool. Despite this sacrifice, not one of the men in my family is yet willing to don breeches or tall boots. I'm working on it.

Favourite films

Pride and Prejudice

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Regency Collection 2013 Part 1

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