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Julia James

Julia James

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Julia's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
Body language
Emotional expression

About Julia

Since I began writing Mills & Boon novels, I've had the great good fortune of exploring some of the wonderful islands of the Caribbean. Like the Mediterranean, these magical tropical islands, like green jewels in the blue Pacific, are some of the most wonderfully romantic and beautiful destinations that are ideal settings for a love story. It's safe to say it has become a firm favourite for my heroes and heroines!

I first fell in love with Mills & Boon romances as a teenager, and have been reading them ever since. It wasn't long before (as is the case for many readers that I know) I felt inspired to dream up stories of my own. In my twenties I first had a go at both Contemporary romances and at what, at the time, was an even greater favourite of mine – Regency's. Alas, no publisher wanted to know (!) and so I focussed on my career in publishing instead. I decided to give my writing another go when I started my family (it's a great career for those 'mommy-tracking'!) and this time around I was lucky enough bo to be accepted.

My greatest inspiration from Mills & Boon has, undoubtedly, been the work of Lyn Graham. Her powerful and emotionally devastating novels have continued to blow me away, since I first discovered them in the early nineties. I'm also a great fan of the works of Robyn Donald and Michelle Reid (whose novel Price of a Bride is one of the best Mills & Boon titles I've ever read!)

Though I know there are people who regard romance novels as little more than sugary 'pap', I hold firmly onto the conviction that there is no greater happiness in life than to be touched by true, faithful and enduring love – especially with the added blessing of children and a warm, loving family life. Romance novels bear strong and indelible witness to this truth – they are, without doubt, a clear force for good in this world.

When I'm not writing or spending time with my family, I love to try my hand at embroidery (but not dressmaking, at which I'm completely useless!) or rooting around in the garden getting very muddy. As a family we love to go walking, both in the UK or, better still, the Mediterranean. And though I'm a hopeless cook, I do love to bake really gooey, piggy cakes. (Unfortunately, I love eating them too, which is not so good for my ambition of keeping fit!)

Favourite films

The Way We Were (Plain girl gets Robert Redford. Nuff said.) Now, Voyager ("Don't ask for the stars, Jerry, we have the moon...") An Officer and a Gentleman (Oh, that 'sweeps her out of the factory' ending!)