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Kate Welsh

Kate Welsh

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Kate's top writing themes

Emotional expression
Elements of time
Body language

About Kate

I live in Havertown, a small community outside Philadelphia, with my husband of over 30 years. One of our two daughters still lives at home and all three of us share the house with Kali, the family cat, and Echo, our Chesapeake Bay retriever puppy.

I write full-time. When I’m not at work creating stories and the characters that populate them, I fill my time with other creative outlets. There are few crafts I haven’t tried at least once!
I’ve been known to tackle almost any job around the house, from painting and wallpapering to refinishing furniture; from making wedding gowns and bridal bouquets to trying my hand at vinyl siding. Inheriting talents from both your parents can make for a busy life. When a hero or heroine in one of my books gets out a hammer, a drill, a sewing machine, or a glue gun, you can usually be sure I've done something pretty similar!

It was a challenge from my husband that gave me the courage to write my first book. I’d never really read a book for pure enjoyment, let alone written one, so it truly was a leap of faith. The constant exercise of reading my own work helped solve some of the eye muscle problems that had caused the reading difficulties I’d suffered with through most of my adulthood. I see that as the Lord's way of healing me while showing me His plan for my life. In the same way, I hope to entertain my readers while showing them His principles.

Favourite films

Ever After and Somewhere in Time