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Gill Sanderson

Gill Sanderson

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Gill's top writing themes

Elements of time
doctors and surgery

About Gill

Well, I'm a man. More usually known as Roger Sanderson. My pastimes are running, mountaineering, travelling, and weight-training. Not the usual picture of a romantic novelist.

I started my career by writing the scripts for Commando comics, then my wife started writing a Mills & Boon romance and asked for help with the plotting. We completed the book, sent it off under her name and a few weeks later it was rejected. We completed four more joint projects before our fifth Country Doctors was accepted in 1995.

Unfortunately, Gill's work as a psychologist for a government training agency grew much more time-consuming. We tried to carry on working together, but more and more of the books were written by me. These days, I do all of the writing but I still talk over the plots with my wife and get her to read the books before they're sent to Mills and Boon.

All of my romances have a medical background. I have a son, Mark, who is a consultant oncologist in a large London hospital; another son, Adam, who is a district health visitor in Birmingham; and a daughter, Helen, who is a midwife, but currently working in a neonatal ward.

Hospitals, surgeries, and clinics deal with birth, pain, fear, recovery, and sometimes death. Workers in medicine know what they do is important. This sense of value makes any romance even more precious.

Favourite films

For Whom the Bell Tolls

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