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Chantelle Shaw

Chantelle Shaw

Intensely emotional, passionate love stories

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Chantelle's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Emotional expression - wit
Physical intimacy

About Chantelle

I discovered Mills and Boon romances in my local library as a teenager, and so began a lifelong love affair. I grew up and went to school in London, where I hated Maths with a vengeance but loved English literature and History. After finishing school I trained as a secretary, but was hopelessly disorganised and spent most of my time daydreaming - the stories in my head were always much more exciting than shorthand and typing!

After several dead-end jobs I despaired of ever finding a career I could enjoy. Happily, after marrying my teenage sweetheart, Adrian, and having our first son, I found that I loved having babies – and so had another five! When we moved to a tiny coastal village near Kent, amid domestic chaos, I finally began to put the stories in my head onto paper. In the days before home computers were commonplace this meant typing up manuscripts on a manual typewriter – a task made even more challenging when said typewriter was missing the letter p and the full-stop key!

Although I received encouraging comments and even met with the senior editor to discuss my work, those first books were rejected by Mills and Boon. The demands of caring for a big family meant that I abandoned my writing and became a Scout leader, Brownie leader, playgroup chairwoman and a night time care assistant in a nursing home for the elderly.

I didn't begin writing again until twenty years later, trying to fill the huge gap left in my life after the death of my adored mum, Gabrielle. This time around my third attempt was accepted, and to my amazement and absolute joy, my book His Secretary Mistress, was published in 2006. Since then I have had twenty-four books accepted and I now enjoy what I regard as the perfect career as a full-time writer. I owe my success to my wonderfully supportive children, my incredibly patient husband and copious amounts of chocolate!

Favourite films

The Tall Guy starring Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thomson. It’s years old and not a conventional romantic film, but I love it.