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Christie Ridgway

Christie Ridgway

Sexy, addictive stories that will keep you up all night!

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Christie's top writing themes

The body
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

About Christie

I began writing in the fifth grade, when I used to scribble romance stories starring my teen idol (and myself as the heroine, of course!) Today these stories live inside a locked box with a mercifully missing key.

After graduating from college with an English major, I became a technical writer in the computer field for a number of years. That led me into computer programming, a geeky profession that was not-so-surprisingly satisfying for the daughter and sister of accountants.

I married my college sweetheart and gave up full-time programming after giving birth to my first son. It was an old friend that prompted me into writing again – thankfully I took her advice and joined my local chapter of Romance Writers of America two weeks later. Thanks to the camaraderie and support I found there, I persevered, eventually making my first sale to Silhouette. When another son joined the family, I continued to write, juggling motherhood, wifehood, and the writing life.

If I'm not at my computer writing contemporary romances, I'm doing laundry or watching soccer games or doing laundry or watching basketball games or doing laundry or helping with homework. I do a lot of laundry due to growing sons, and a husband who likes to surf, bike, and fix things!

While the yellow Labrador retriever, the birds, the fish, and the family amphibians do not add to the laundry piles, they do add to the excitement. As often as possible, though, I escape it all with – what else? – a romance.