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Debbi Rawlins

Debbi Rawlins

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Debbi's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Emotional expression
Body language

About Debbi

I grew up in Hawaii reading every mystery book I could get my hands on (before moving over to sweet romances in my late teens). A bit too eager to get through college, I went on overload and was forced to put fiction aside and after graduation I swore I would never read another book again. That lasted a few months... until I came to my senses and remembered that romances were a whole lot better than textbooks. I continued to read in spells, depending on what was happening in my life, and when I picked up my first American Romance the enthusiasm I'd previously had was fully rekindled. I loved the contemporary characters and storylines, and having been a daydreamer all my life, I blithely told my husband that I could write one of those.

Wow, was I ever humbled. Many tries and many years later - I sold my first book to Harlequin. And I haven’t stopped writing. Not once has it occured to me that I wouldn’t have an idea or a story to tell. I think back on all the mornings I dashed to the beach to watch the sunrise before I had to go to school. I’d sit in the sand and watch the waves, wondering how many of my ancestors had sat on that same beach. (My family reaches back quite a few generations, and sadly, I’ve lost a few close relatives, including my grandfather, who disappeared while fishing in those same waters.)

Although I often return to Hawaii to see my family, I’ve lived on the U.S. mainland for many years now. After trying out several large cities I’ve found peace and contentment in rural Utah on 4 acres of land that stretches from a government ridge to the middle of the river, surrounded by trees and wildlife. Oh, and lots of ranches who let the cattle roam free. Spring nights are especially exciting when I can open all my windows and hear the water gushing down from the melting snowcaps. It's a beautiful sound that reminds me of waves rushing the shore. I'll close my eyes and picture myself as a child sitting in the warm sand with only my very active imagination to entertain me. It’s not that I want to move back or leave Utah. This area of the country suits me and my current fascination for everything western. I have horses and deer and elk for neighbours. Some of them have appeared in my recent books. And did I tell you I have a bunch of dogs and cats, most of them rescues, who totally act as if they own the place? Yes, I’m quite lucky and grateful. I have the best of both worlds.

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