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Terry McLaughlin

Terry McLaughlin

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Terry's top writing themes

The body
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

About Terry

I never wanted to be a writer; I wanted to be a teacher. So when my children were both in school, I went back to college for a teaching credential where one of my professors threw me a great curveball, and told me that I should write a book.

I don't remember exactly what I told that professor, but I know part of the answer contained the words 'root canal.' I'd never written anything I didn't have to – homework assignments, thank-you notes, that sort of thing. Writing wasn't something to do for fun, because it wasn't fun for me. It was a tool, nothing more.

For over ten years I taught subjects ranging from anthropology and architectural design, to music appreciation and world history, at every grade level from kindergarten through to college. Though I loved teaching, I was always a little intrigued by my professor's suggestion... after discovering the romance genre and subsequently becoming hooked on hapy-ever-afters, I knew I'd found the kind of stories I'd be happy to write.

I now live with my husband in a rural area surrounded by the redwoods on California's northern coast. Our son and daughter are all grown up and I'm looking forward to the 'Nana' stage of my life. I’d love to have more pets than the standard ranch dog, but unfortunately this is a rough neighbourhood and our pets sometimes get eaten by the wild animals on the block.

When I’m not reading and writing love stories, I love to travel. I have escorted students to England, France, Italy, Mexico and Japan. Several years ago, my husband and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with a trip to England, Ireland and France. Now I travel to writing conferences and workshops to meet with fellow readers and writers. It's the perfect excuse to get on a plane and it's always a treat to meet new people. Romance lovers are so much fun!