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Simona Taylor

Simona Taylor

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Simona's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Emotional expression - wit
The body

About Simona

I live on my native Caribbean island of Trinidad – a fertile place for dreaming up scorching, sun-drenched romance novels. I balance a career in public relations and a family of two small children and one very patient man, while feeding my obsession for writing.

I live under the spell of my muse, or, as they’d say on my island, the writing jumbie. At the end of the day, when my son and daughter (my little matched set of salt and pepper shakers) are safely in bed, after school bags are packed, the laundry done, the kitchen cleaned and the toys put away, I indulge in my latest writing project with the sense of anticipation usually reserved for chocolate.

A sensual setting is half the pleasure to be found in reading – and writing – a book. While I love to show off the charms of Trinidad and its sister island, Tobago, I have also set my romances in the south of France, Barcelona and the fictional city of Santa Amata in the eastern United States.

I have also published three works of women’s literary fiction under my real name, Roslyn Carrington, but it is my passion for romance that consumes me most.

When I'm now dreaming up drool-worthy heroes I update my website, which is a fun place to visit, read my novel excerpts, blog and have a good laugh. I hope you'll take the time to have a visit.