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Sharon Kendrick

Sharon Kendrick

Emotional rollercoasters sizzling with sex

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Sharon's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Emotional expression
Romance and passion

About Sharon

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved story-telling. Sometimes I got told off for it and sometimes I won prizes.

After leaving school at the early age of sixteen years (a bit like The Wild Colonial Boy), I tried my hand at countless jobs in a variety of locations. I worked as a DJ in a London pub and waitressed in the south of France. For a while, I drove an ambulance in the Australian desert before trying my hand at being a painter and decorator (but found it a bit boring, waiting for the proverbial paint to dry). Other transient careers included cooking on a double-decker bus which was travelling around Europe (it broke down just outside Pisa) and a brief stint as a singer and a photographer. Eventually I decided to become a nurse, like my mother and lots of aunts before me – but I never really felt I fitted in anywhere in the workplace.

Until one day I dusted off the keys of my computer and started writing the stories which had always been buzzing inside my head, and everything seemed to fall into place. When my first book was published  by Harlequin, I felt as if my world had been touched by magic. I still feel like that. I love my job of creating love-stories and retreating into the world of the imagination, where the possibilities are limitless.

I live in the beautiful city of Winchester and travel a lot. Every country I visit has something beautiful and memorable to commend it, but Italy is without doubt my favourite place. My books have made frequent appearances on the USA Today Bestseller list and I love to craft stories which are sexy and fast-paced, yet packed full of emotion. I also like to hear from my readers, because they are the reason I write.

Each May I teach a one week course in romantic fiction, in the stunning mountainous region of northern Tuscany. Come along!

Favourite films

Dr Zhivago

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