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Leona Karr

Leona Karr

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Leona's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
Emotional expression
Deserts and rocky terrain

About Leona

I was in sixth grade the first time I saw my words in print, after I won an essay contest and my entry was published in the city newspaper. That same thrill, always tinged with a little surprise, is still there even after thirty of my books have been published.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA and then from the University of Northern Colorado with an MA degree, before I taught as a reading specialist until my first book was published in 1980.

Although I’ve written mysteries, historical romances, gothics, and paranormal romances – my favourite genre is romantic suspense, and my bookshelves are filled with tales of mysterious heroes and courageous heroines caught up in the excitement of an intrigue. As a native to Colorado I have often been inspired by the great landscapes of my home and have often featured this as a backdrop for my stories.

After spending five years as a widower, I re-married and am now living my very own romantic story with my new husband and soul mate, though I ‘wheel and deal’ from a wheelchair after I was struck with a bout of polio just one year before the vaccine was approved for use. I have also been blessed with children and grandchildren. I write for five hours every day, happily chasing new stories of love, danger and happiness – and I am delighted when readers confess to me that my books have kept them up half the night reading!

Favourite films

While You Were Sleeping