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Amy Frazier

Amy Frazier

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Amy's top writing themes

Coming of age
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Amy

I was born on the Maine coast, a descendent of French Acadians expelled from English Nova Scotia (one of my aunts was named Evangeline) and I currently reside – with great pleasure – in Georgia. I find that the South is a region where everyday conversation is often elevated to the art of storytelling, where tales, both real and fantastic, waft on the air with the scent of honeysuckle

I often draw sustenance and inspiration from a variety of sources, chief of which are my husband, my son and daughter and my two neurotic cats. I’m a dedicated reader, consuming words everywhere they can be found – from cereal boxes to Pulitzer Prize winning novels. I enjoy nature in all forms, but especially love the bird sanctuary I’ve established in the wooded area just outside my office window.

If I could choose a personal motto, it would be, ‘I dwell in possibility.’