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Tori Carrington

Tori Carrington

Sizzling stories that will keep you turning the pages…

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Tori's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Physical intimacy
The body

About Tori

We are husband and wife team Lori and Tony Karayianni who began writing as a collaborative team, under the pseudonym Tori Carrington, in June 1984.

We're fiction writers simply because we enjoy escaping into an exciting, colourful, fictional world of our own making. We take great and shameless pleasure in delving into the lives of others, we revel in living vicariously through our characters, trying on career hats we'd never otherwise put on, stretching muscles we'd probably be better off excercising in reality.

We count our adult sons Tony, Jr. and Tim as our own personal heroes. Along with cats Patch, Spike and Nia, we call Toledo, Ohio home, but also travel to Athens, Greece – Tony’s hometown – as often as we can, to breathe in all things Greek.