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1 year ago • 19 comments

Welcome to the new Mills & Boon website. Whether you're here for the first time or returning to find the latest books, our new site has lots of exciting features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 

Click play to take the tour around the website. If you'd like to watch our welcome video in full screen mode then please remember to change your YouTube setting to HD. You can do this by ticking the 720p HD number in your settings button. Please see the below example for further instruction:

We hope you have a wonderful experience here at

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donna • 1 year ago
E book downloads remain greyed out on purchase, when I purchase during week seems to rectify itself, but I have just purchased a new release today and it has been greyed for at least 2hours. The old website managed this better. Also not sure if the new releases menu, works, seems to have to many levels, especially if you include the scroll on the series screen.
Helen • 1 year ago
This has happened to me today. I bought 5 today and they are all greyed out and have been for 10 hours. I've refreshed the page and nothing. Fed up now.
lorna • 1 year ago
bought all the new modern books and the same has happened to me - fed up either improve the site or go back to the old one.
Helen • 1 year ago
Did you get your money back?
Helen • 1 year ago
The invoice has come through 3 times so I hope they havent charged me 3 times.
Azlina • 1 year ago
Bought 3 books yesterday - 2 from the new release collection, 1 from last month's collection. Able to download the last one but not the new release ones.
Helen • 1 year ago
I bought 3 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon but none will download. I hate the new website.
Helen • 1 year ago
There are a few comments on Facebook to the same effect.
Eka • 1 year ago
I've bought 4 new modern books yesterday. But I can't download it
Susan • 1 year ago
same here, I cannot download books from new range this weekend. I can download all old books on my bookshelf so no problem with my system. This is irritating and I feel we should all be compensated
Christine • 1 year ago
I too hate the new website I had a subscription to ebook modern series but cancelled it because of the new website. Have purchased 3 books today but cannot download them. Get it sorted M&B you will lose customers.
Sheila • 1 year ago
The new website is a nightmare. Who ever designed it obviously never tried to use it and had no idea of how to make easy and efficient access. Trying to get the list of books you require is practically impossible without going through so many different pages. Two months running i can't download my books. No matter how many times i save my address in my details i have to enter it in full every time i try to buy an ebook. As i pay by PayPal it shouldn't need my address at all. You can guarantee they won't take any notice of the problems until we vote by purchasing elsewhere.
jean • 1 year ago
Please can you not go back to the old website, this new one is awfull and everything takes twice as long.
Karen • 1 year ago
I bought two e-books on Saturday but was unable to download all weekend. Have just downloaded them now, but really not great service :-(
Chris • 1 year ago
We're very sorry for problems you have experienced on our website over the weekend. Since launching the new website we have been experiencing download issues with some of our series as you have discovered. We are working round the clock to work out where the problem lies and get these fixed for everyone. Please be assured we will get everything back to normal very soon. Thank you for being so patient. Please feel free to get in touch via email at if any of your problems persist. Thank you, M&B x
G M • 1 year ago
dont like this new site. am very confused everything seems to be in bundles which I cant afford. I like to look at the new releases and then wait a while to see what comes up on the sale list. cant cope with this preferred the old site
Trish • 1 year ago
Mills and Boon have updated their website, when are they going to update the whole series, especially the so called 'modern' series. When is the blatant, sexiest, hypocritical double standards towards women going to stop? when are authors going to stop publishing stories where the heroine is depicted as a virgin, or we stop seeing virgin, innocent in the title or the description of what the story is about? Why is the blaze series only being released as ebooks and not hardback?
• 1 year ago
I have been a mills and boon customer for many years and I am very disappointed that I cannot pay my subscription on line for the last 5 months it's such a convenient way to pay so it's disappointing not to be able to that in this day and age of electronics
R • 1 year ago
Like the last comment I too am very disappointed that the facility to make payments on line has not yet been brought up to date. I don't want to be a gripe but surely at nearly four months down the line this should have been sorted out? @Louise M&B can't publish books just to suit one person. Although it's not a sale breaker I prefer a virgin heroine but I think they're doing a good job of providing a mix to try and suit all tastes. Modern covers many aspects and the actual plot and story is more important in the overall context for me.

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