Write for Mills & Boon DARE

Sexy. Passionate. Bold.

Mills & Boon DARE stories push the boundaries of sexual explicitness while keeping the focus on the developing romantic relationship. Come meet the sexiest men alive!

Key Elements

  1. The heat level is explicit and graphic. The hero and heroine have a powerful sexual and emotional connection.
  2.  We’re looking for authors who have a distinct, memorable voice and write stories with a high level of sexual tension as well as graphic sex. 
  3.  We want to read the ultimate alpha hero of all your sexual fantasies! While billionaires, CEOs and other successful, affluent men are welcome, we are also open to grittier heroes and anti-heroes.
  4.  Heroines are empowered, fun and fearless women who don’t necessarily need a man in their lives—having a man is her choice…and her pleasure! Bold heroines are a key hook for this series and her independence is as important as the character traits of the alpha males.
  5.  Stories must be contemporary. Readers should be swept away by sexual fantasy, even as the character's deal with real world obstacles and challenges in the face of their love.
  6.  The setting can either be metropolitan (Paris, London, New York, L.A., Sydney, Rome) or exotic (the Amalfi Coast, Hawaii, the Caribbean). The setting alone doesn’t make the story sexy but it certainly helps!
  7.  We are open to third person or first person point of view. There should be a balance of POV between the hero and heroine.
  8.  A word count of 50,000 means stories must be fast-paced and plot-driven.

We are open to many different story types, though we are not currently considering law enforcement (police, FBI, etc.), western-themed, military, sports, small-town romances, paranormal or historicals.

These are sexy contemporary romances and we’re not accepting erotica or erotic romance. We are not interested in BDSM (light bondage is acceptable), ménage, age play, bestiality, incest or rape. Each manuscript will be evaluated on how the subject matter is handled.

Submissions are being accepted in all three of our editorial offices. For more information, please contact:

Kathleen Scheibling, Executive Editor, Toronto

Patience Bloom, Senior Editor, New York

Flo Nicoll, Senior Editor, UK