Changes to books published in January 2022

January 2022 published print books on the Mills & Boon website.

Due to several supply chain issues there will be a delay in our January 2022 paperback books being available to purchase on the Mills & Boon website, which would normally be available from 1st of January 2022. This delay will affect all our series paperbacks, including anthologies and collections, but it will not affect eBooks published in January 2022. 

Don’t worry, our books will still be available to pre-order during January 2022 so they can be purchased online as usual, there will just be a delay in customers receiving their parcels. Once the books are available they will automatically be shipped to customers.

Unfortunately, there are a number of challenges with international supply chains and deliveries at this time, which are causing unavoidable delays to deliveries into our distribution centre. Please rest assured we are working hard to make sure that our customers continue receiving their books when they expect them every month. 

Paperback Book Subscriptions January 2022 Update

There will be a change to the books received by paperback subscribers in January 2022. We are sending the February titles in customers regular series subscriptions, instead of the expected January titles, which unfortunately are delayed due to supply chain issues. 

What am I receiving in my parcel in January 2022? 

In customers parcels in January 2022 we have sent the February titles of the regular series subscriptions. Subscription customers still receive their January titles, we’ll just be sending them in February instead, meaning that subscribers won’t miss any romances at all – they’ll just be receiving them in a different order than expected. 

How does this affect me? 

Subscription customers may notice that some of the miniseries in their subscription are out of order. Don’t worry – customers will receive the skipped title in February instead. Subscription customers will also notice the page in the back of each book which states that our next books will be published in March. Please ignore this – subscription customers will still be getting their series subscription parcel on schedule next month. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 01413 063232.